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Olympic Driftwood Sculptors

Olympic Driftwood Sculptors (ODS) is an exciting organization established on the Olympic Penninsula in 2008. Our mission is to share and promote the art of driftwood sculpture.

Our Next Art Show

Our 2024 art show is scheduled for Sat May 18
from 10-4 and Sun May 19 from 12-4,
at the Dungeness River Nature Center, 
1943  W. Hendrickson Rd, Sequim.

Stop by a meeting. See what we do. Become inspired.


Nebula by Tuttie Peetz


Our monthly meetings are at the Trinity United Church at 100 S. Blake Ave, Sequim, on the 1st Wednesday of each month, from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Olympic Driftwood Sculptors

As wood sculptors, we work with driftwood and "found" wood, which can be found on the beach, in the forest, old cedar cuts, the desert, the mountains, etc. As nature is always the best artist, we consider the wood a gift and trust the spirit of the wood to guide us to its ultimate conclusion. By using "found" wood and sculpting it to its best end, some essence of the tree is left behind for us to revere and enjoy.

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